Monthly Archives: July 2015

Just released : A REST API for Content Server Workflow

Today, I am happy to announce that Hugh Ferguson Consulting Ltd. is releasing our latest product: REST API Extensions for Content Server Workflow (RESTWF).  OpenText has been promoting the REST API as the new way to quickly write responsive User Interfaces.  The existing API allows for document/folder, category, and form operations. The one thing that is missing is Workflow.  With RESTWF, it is now possible to launch workflows, load tasks, upload/download attachments, read or set attributes, and read or send comments.  Although OpenText has workflow extensions on their product roadmap, they are not part of the latest 10.5 build.

In the interest of generating some comments, and soliciting feedback, here is an overview of the API. There are three main parts:

  • assignments – API to access WF assignments, and to interact with individual tasks
  • wfpackages – API to access workflow data in an assigned task such as comments, attributes, and attachments
  • workflow – API to initiate a workflow

I will be publishing the API in the coming days on the corporate website at